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ConstructionWatch: Johnson Favaro's New West Hollywood Library

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[Image via AN]
All part of West Hollywood Park's master plan, behold the forthcoming MDA Johnson Favaro-designed library. The Architects Newspaper reports the three-story project on San Vicente (across from the Pacific Design Center)--a 43,000 square foot building that will house the library, sidewalk cafe, and public meeting room--will be finished in 2012. But can an architectural review go forward without the use of the word "undulating"? Certainly not. Via AN: "The design’s square volume and white, smooth facade of cured limestone plaster may evoke Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, but undulations in the lustrous surface will imbue it with lightness and movement, making it tranquil rather than monolithic." According to our latest information, the new renovation will also bring in a garage, more parkland, new tennis courts, and a new pool and gym.
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