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New To Market: Echo Park Treehouse

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The asking price for this two-bedroom, two-bath with a den/nursery in Echo Park is pretty much level with its last sales price in 2005. The listing notes the bungalow has a detached office, a "redone spa bath has a mosaic tile shower & a claw foot tub," a large yard, and a "vintage-inspired kitchen." The listing also mentions the yard has an area for urban farming - because no self-respecting Bobo family can move to Echo Park without room for a couple of heirloom tomato plants, a compost bin and maybe a goat. The house last sold in 2005 for $667,500. Today's listing price is $669,000 or a hefty $608 per square foot (neighborhood comps are closer to $436 per square foot according to Redfin). If that sounds pretty reasonable consider this - In Jan 2003 the sales price was $338,000 and in Sept 2002 it sold for $320,455.
· 1852 Lake Shore Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026 [Redfin]