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Along with about 600 other Angelenos, Curbed attended yesterday's MAK Center annual fundraiser architecture tour and spent the day navigating Silver Lake's narrow streets. First stop: Architect Rudolph Schindler's 1925 How House. Unfortunately, only exterior photos were allowed at this house (other homes will include both interior and exterior shots). Owned by preservationist Michael LaFetra and still on the market for $4 million, the house underwent a restoration in 2004 and was registered a Historic-Cultural Monument in 2007. Much of the exterior redwood cladding, the wood-framed windows and rotted beams were replaced and some of the original furniture and built-ins were re-fabricated (and enlarged to signal they are derivative). The house consists of two separate geometric portions - the upper in redwood and lower in slab-cast concrete, horizontally scored to match the upper portion. There is also a new front garden that was designed by Richard Neutra but unrealized until the restoration. The restoration was done by architect and contractor Jeff Fink, who has done a number of Schindler restorations in LA, including the Fitzpatrick and Wolff Houses.
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How House

2422 Silver Ridge Ave. , Los Angeles, CA