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Fall MAK Tour: Inside Schindler's McAlmon House

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The MAK Center's Fall Home Tour took place over the weekend, so all week we'll be highlighting houses from the event, which centered around Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

Next stop on the MAK tour was Schindler's 1935 McAlmon House in Silver Lake. Described as "among the most sculptural" of the homes Schindler designed, the McAlmon residence actually consists of two houses on the site. The first, not open to the public, and located near street level, was a small bungalow renovated by the architect. Beyond the bungalow, up the hillside, is the wood frame and stucco main building, with a main area organized around the outdoor breakfast room. The structure is also broken into different levels to separate the space into "day and night activities." The owner also has a several pieces of original furniture, including the McAlmon chair. The owner, Larry Schaffer, of home furnishing store OK has been documenting his move over the summer into the house.
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