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Fall AIA/LA Home Tour: KAA Design Group's Tree House

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In addition to the Silver Lake MAK Tour, the AIA/LA Home Tour was held this weekend in Manhattan Beach. The home tour madness continues...

Can you handle more home tour? The AIA/LA held its fall home tour this weekend, and they showed off four contemporary houses in Manhattan Beach. First stop is in the narrow, sunny streets somewhere between Sepulveda and the beach, at the Tree House by Grant Kirkpatrick of KAA Design Group. Kirkpatrick built the house for his family, and he says conceiving something so close to home was "daunting" at first. He wanted to design a house that was open, contemporary, sustainable, but not too edgy i.e. a residence "where kids don't feel like it's [a] home." (And he wanted to accomplish all of that on a 40 foot wide lot.) Sliding glass walls open the house up to the outdoors in several places--and most surprisingly in the master bathroom (it has a big, central bathtub). The exposure makes forced air unnecessary, but there's radiant heat from the floors. This was the only house on the tour where shoes were allowed, so it's believable when Kirkpatrick says his kids love living here.
· KAA Design Group [Official Site]