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Fall AIA/LA Home Tour: MAKE Architecture's 39th Street Residence

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In addition to the Silver Lake MAK Tour, the AIA/LA Home Tour was held this weekend in Manhattan Beach. The home tour madness continues...

[First four photos by John Linden]

Down on a steep street half a block above the ocean is the 39th Street Residence by MAKE Architecture's Jess Mullen-Carey and William Beauter. The project is a remodel of a 1970s stuccoed beach house (see an example of a building comparable to 39th Street's "before," as pointed out by Mullen-Carey, in the last photo in the above set). Set in a duplex, visitors enter up a flight of stairs to the second floor dining and kitchen area. To the right, at the back of the house, is a small room (it looked like it was being used as a music room). The third floor was a new addition to the remodel. At the back is a small balcony (where the owner has a good-looking container garden going), and the bedroom area and master bathroom. A low divider embedded with a fireplace separates the sleeping area from a living area that floats out above the kitchen, and in front a wide balcony gives views down to the ocean.
· MAKE Architecture [Official Site]