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CurbedWire: Early Bird Gets a East Hollywood Park, Spina at Sci-Arc

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: News of some greenery for park-poor East Hollywood. Via the Inbox: "I am sending this out to people who have expressed interest in the possibility of the Light Yard on Santa Monica Blvd @ Virgil being converted from a city storage facility into an 'open to the public' green space for East Hollywood." According to the notice, a rep from Councilman Garcetti's office will lead a tour tomorrow at 7:30 am at Santa Monica and Virgil--the tour is open to members of the community. More from the email: "As you know, East Hollywood is one of the park-poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles -- with 53,000 residents and no real parks for kids to play in. Having even a small contingent of concerned neighbors show up at 7:30 in the morning will send a strong message to the City that we want a park in our neighborhood." [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Local architect Marcelo Spina will speak at Sci-Arc this Wednesday, giving a lecture entitled: "Wholes, Holes, and All the Other Stuff in Between." Can't tell you what the lecture is about, but Mr. Spina looks handsome and brooding. [Curbed Inbox]


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