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CurbedWire: No Chop for Candy, Dodgers on the Stadium

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HOLMBY HILLS: In March, Candy Spelling officially listed her 123-room mansion with Hilton & Hyland for $150 million. Has Candy, who probably wants to make some money back to pay for that $47 million condo in The Century, done any sort of chop? No, the home is still priced at $150 million, according to an assistant at Hilton & Hyland. Meanwhile, one has to wonder if she's negotiating the price of that Century penthouse (she bought in June 2008). [Curbed InBox]

ECHO PARK: More Dodger stadium ruminating: The Dodgers are saying the delays in Dodger Stadium have to do with the credit markets, not marital squabbles, reports Sports Business Daily. Hmm. "With the credit markets drying up during the past 18 months, it has been difficult for the Dodgers to obtain financing for refurbishing the 47-year-old facility, team VP/PR & Broadcasting Josh Rawitch said. 'Despite the fact everyone knows the credit markets are challenging, we're fully expecting to move forward with the project,' Rawitch said. [Sports Business Daily]

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