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City Jumps into Battle Over Venice RVs

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When the California Coastal Commission decided earlier this year that Venice could not enforce resident-only overnight parking districts without a local coastal development permit (which they wouldn't grant), a group of residents called the Venice Stakeholders Assn. sued both the Commission and the city of LA. Now, the Los Angeles Times reports the city is in agreement with the Stakeholders Assn. and has filed a "cross-complaint" in Superior Court concerning the suit. The document contends that the city "is free to adopt and implement the OPDs without consulting, notifying or obtaining any permit from" the coastal agency (the CCC believes restricting parking=limiting access to the beach). Venetians are trying to discourage people living in cars and RVs from parking on residential streets by making them resident-only during the wee hours of the night—there's accusations of sewage dumping and general unruliness.
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