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Herkimer Arms Cut In Half, On the Move

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[Photo by Brigham Young]

The city has seen architecturally significant homes on the move, but a whole building? Blogger Brigham Yen snaps photos of the chopped-in-half Herkimer Arms apartment building in Pasadena, now in the delightful transportation phase. It sounds like there's been quite a battle over moving this one. But where we are now comes via the Heritage Housing's web site: "Designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1912, the Herkimer Arms is the only known apartment building designed by the Greene brothers. Currently located at 527 East Union Street, the Herkimer Arms will be moved to a site owned by HHP on North Raymond Avenue just north of the 210 Freeway. The building’s historically significant features, such as the exterior gunite finish, terra-cotta tiles, built-ins, corner cabinets, and original doors, will be preserved." According to Yen's blog, the new location for this building is 407 N. Raymond Ave.
· Update: Herkimer Arms Sawed In Half [Brigham Yen]