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CurbedWire: Berlin Wall is Coming Down, Downtown Rent Query

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Via J'ampelle Liz
MID-WILSHIRE: Those pieces of the Berlin Wall went up earlier this month and now they're coming down, all part of the anniversary celebration of the Wall falling. Via a LACMA email comes news of a "midnight ceremony on Sunday November 8 that will include a public performance by Ute Lemper. Public is invited to watch the artists as they symbolically topple down a segment of the Wall Across Wilshire. The street will be closed from 11 pm to 12 am." Meanwhile, above is all the art that has gone up on the mini-wall since we visited. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A reader wants to know the going asking price for a downtown apartment and if there's any wiggle room. "Hey, Curbed, I've been watching all that downtown condo implosion, but am wondering if the downtown rents are also falling...can you tell me what's the going asking price for a one-bedroom rental in downtown, say a 500 sf-700 sf place, etc, and is there some haggling possible? Tx." [Curbed InBox]