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Ask Curbed: Suspicious about Silver Lake Signs

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A reader who lives on Micheltorena St near Berkeley Ave in Silver Lake passes on photos of two "No Parking" signs that have been erected in front of a house that's being renovated. Our guess is that the signs are up so trucks and dumpsters can park in front of the house. Our reader just knows this: "The signs have been at least two weeks. I talked to someone in Garcetti's office, they think the signs are illegal. The guy in Garcetti's office says he called the DOT which refused to do anything about it, on the grounds that since the signs don't belong to DOT, they can't cite him for putting up possibly fake signs." Who knows if these signs are fake or not, or if this guy does have some sort of permit. But yet another instance of a lost parking spot leading to a situation involving unhappy neighbors.
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