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Furloughs, Smurloughs: Go Embed with the Planners

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The LA Times reported earlier this year that nearly 80 percent of the Planning Department is now enjoying themselves some budgetary-related furloughs, but here's a planning-related job opening. The Mayor is looking for someone to help with his much-talked about, but not much-implemented "12-2" program, which seeks to streamline the development approval process by cutting the number of city agencies--from 12 to 2--that builders have to go through. From a 2008 Engineering-News Record story about the program: "Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently unveiled a plan to speed building project approvals amid developer complaints that the city process is too long and arduous, driving costs up." The listing for the job notes that the analyst will "begin embedding within the Department of City Planning," an action which probably sounds more sexy than it actually is.

Office of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa


"12 to 2 Building Reform Plan" Management Analyst

Mayor Villaraigosa is committed to reducing unnecessary bureaucracy in the city's building approval process. Launched in March of 2008, the "12 to 2 Building Reform Plan" aims to reduce the number of departments with which a builder must interact from twelve to two. This comprehensive initiative will streamline the entitlement process within the Department of City Planning and improve coordination among departments that are involved in the building approval process.

The Mayor is seeking a Management Analyst to drive progress on the 12 to 2 Building Reform Plan for a twelve month period, reporting to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and consulting with the Chief Deputy Mayor and the Director of Performance Management.

The Management Analyst will begin by embedding within the Department of City Planning, supporting the Planning Director on projects including:

(i) identification and implementation of process efficiencies, (ii) transition to a new, computer-based case processing system, (iii) development and implementation of performance metrics. Over time, the Management Analyst will work closely with additional departments to improve coordination in case processing. By streamlining the entitlement and permitting process, the successful completion of the 12 to 2 Building Reform Plan will make a significant contribution to the city's ability to create jobs and speed the economic recovery.

The Management Analyst will need sophisticated analytic and interpersonal skills in order to drive progress on this high-priority initiative. The ideal candidate is a curious and entrepreneurial problem solver who communicates skillfully and generates enthusiasm for change. The work requires resiliency, creativity, resourcefulness,
tenacity and tact. Experience with process re-design and/or management consulting is highly valued, as is a Masters Degree in Public Policy, Business Administration, Public Administration or Urban Planning.

The Management Analyst will be Mayoral Aide VI position and an at-will employee of the Mayor's Office. The position has a maximum term of one year, starting late 2009 or January 2010. The position pays between $68,801.84 and $82,141.92, depending on experience.

Qualified Candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to:

Greg Spotts

Director, Performance Management Unit

Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

· Jobs with the Mayor [Official Site]