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Connections, Baby, Connections: Latest from Little Tokyo

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As the Regional Connector advances, so do concerns as to how it will be built in Downtown, specifically Little Tokyo. At this point, it's undetermined whether the the Regional Connector will be above or below-ground. Little Tokyo Unblogged reports the Little Tokyo Community Council is urging Metro consider a new option that would put the Little Tokyo station under the current above-ground Little Tokyo Gold Line station. "The Community Council is in favor of continuing the Underground Emphasis Option, which currently tunnels underground at 2nd Street, by continuing tunneling under 1st & Alameda and providing Little Tokyo with a station under the present Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District Station." Community leaders are concerned about disruption the line would create through parts of Little Tokyo, especially at 2nd and Central, the proposed area for a stop on the underground option. The council says their plan is dependent on approval from developers of the in-the-works Nikkei (formerly Mangrove) mixed-use project to be built around the Gold Line Little Tokyo station.
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