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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 3: New Markets and New Money

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The third episode of Million Dollar Listing leads us closer to the season finale. Who knows what will happen? Will Chad Rogers wear a pair of tight fitting pants? Will Josh Flagg's hair length change repeatedly during the episode? Will Madison Hildebrand meet the lady boy of his dreams? Let's all try to contain ourselves.

Things are getting dire this week as Josh Flagg travels south to Newport Beach to get a listing, presumably because nobody recognizes his face in Orange County. Josh's listing is for an old-skool new money mansion in one of Newport's gated communities where homes go for $10 million-$20 million. The 11,500 sq. ft home features 6 bedrooms and 9.5 baths. Josh scoffs at the sellers goal of selling her home for $10 million and prices the home at a more comfortable $9.9 million. But there's a wrinkle! And it's not on Josh's grandma. The seller's sister, a newly minted realtor, is going to co-list the property. At a private showing for the house arranged by the sister/realtor, the looky loo neighbors (old dude and young trophy wife) show up and waste everyone's time. After further work, Josh and yet another realtor bring in a buyer with an offer of $8 million. Josh and the homeseller have a douchtastic face off over the value of the home where things get tense. Josh shows the power of his persuasion by failing to convince his client to take the offer, basically tells the seller she's delusional and then walks from the listing. That's Real Estate 101.

In a subplot, Madison Hildebrand and Chad Rogers happen to be invited to the same speaking engagement in Scottsdale, Arizona, which provides a diversion from the horrible real estate market in Southern California. Madison is excited to promote his new book and Chad is excited to zip lock bag all of his personal items for the one day trip to the desert. At the event/seminar/conference, Chad says his uncatchable phrase, "Talk is cheap," and the crowd of assembled realtors eats it up. Madison stumbles through his speech and everyone wants to die.

Back in LA, Chad Rogers continues down his personal path of exploration on the Westside, taking a listing in Mar Vista... MAR VISTA!! We're just a few episodes away from Chad setting up an office in Lawndale. Chad notes that when the market rebounds, homes in Mar Vista will go for anywhere between $1 and 2.5 million. Chad gets a listing for a relatively small home that shows potential - its loft like and newly remodeled - but based on the market the owner is going to have to take a loss. The 963 sq. ft. home on Sunnyside Avenue includes high vaulted ceilings, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Chad's web site eschews his promotion of Mar Vista by simply noting the home is Marina del Rey adjacent. The home gets listed at $719,000 and generates mixed interest based on the size, however a buyer with two small children pops up. The negotiations revolve around the inclusion of a flat screen tv and child play set in the backyard. Throwing in those items and reducing the price to $717,125 makes Chad feel comfortable enough to whip his little dog out of his murse and seal the deal. Hooray! Chad finally sells a home this season.

In this episode, Madison Hildebrand gets a rental listing in the Malibu Cove Colony. We will always remember this episode for introducing us to the "Latina Marilyn Monroe" Cindyana Santangelo and her exquisite lips. According to the resume on her web site, Cindyana is known for being a guest star on CSI Miami and Law and Order. She is also currently a student at USC's School of Cinema and Television. Or she might be a CGI product of one of the labs. Fight On, Cindyana! The 3,460 sq. ft. beachside home includes 5 bedrooms (including one painted in an underwater theme), 6.5 bathrooms, a professional kitchen, a patio over a private beach and a "diva room". Madison and Cindyana agree to list the home as a one month rental for $55,000. By episodes end Cindyana apparently books some work locally, maybe as a cadaver on CSI Los Angeles, and decides not to rent out her property after all. Madison gets no commission.


Chad Rogers: "The economic downturn has made neighborhoods like Mar Vista into potential goldmines."

Chad Rogers: "I just hope the contemporary remodel is enough to distract from the tiny bedrooms."

Chad Rogers: Starts his speech by saying "Hey, everyone I'm Chad Rogers..."

Madison Hildebrand: Refers to Chad as "the one and only Chad-bot."

Madison Hildebrand: "The Eskimos have seven different words for snow."

Commercial: The Hollywood Cookie Diet featuring Santa Claus, abs, and a stack of glossy looking cookies. Eating cookies now gives you abs.

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