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Point/Counterpoint: Where to Trick-or-Treat in LA

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Zillow put together a list of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in, calculated from "four equally weighted data variables: Zillow Home Value Index, population density, Walk Score, and local crime data." The top 5 are:

1. Venice
2. Los Feliz
3. Westwood?
4. Silver Lake?
5. Beverly Hills

Yikes! Please don't take your kids to these neighborhoods on Halloween! Everyone knows the rich totally skimp on candy, so Westwood and Beverly Hills will be big disappointments (rich people can also afford to hire someone to clean the egg off their houses). And Venice, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake are full of young, single hipsters who will be too busy pre-gaming and decking themselves out in elaborately obscure costumes to deal with your kids.

Here's what would go into our algorithm if we were algorithm-making types: density and crime data are good places to start, but family-heavy neighborhoods are probably the most geared toward Halloween, so how about some household makeup stats? And owners are probably more invested in their neighborhoods and neighbors than renters. The Wall Street Journal recommends integrating the Megan's Law sex offender maps too (Jesus, Halloween is complicated). If you could mash all that up with information on sidewalks and crosswalks (Walk Score only factors proximity to amenities like supermarkets), you'd be on your way to the most wonderful Halloween haul ever.

Totally unscientifically? Hancock Park and Sherman Oaks.
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