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New To Market: Art Deco Design in Bronson Canyon

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Don't say we never like anything, because we're loving this 1937 Art Deco two-bedroom, two-bath in Bronson Canyon. Designed by Joseph J. Babolnay, who also designed New York's famous Earl Carroll Theater, the house features a sun room/office, a separate guest studio with bath, and multi-level patios and garden. There is a sister house up the block next door from this one also designed by Babolnay, who supposedly built this one first to finance the construction of the second one. The only room we're not sold on is the kitchen. While the listing notes it is an "incredible Deco style kitchen with top of the line appliances" we're finding the juxtaposition a little jarring. The house was last sold in 1997 for $390,000. Today's asking price: $985,000 or $629 per square foot.
· 5880 Locksley Pl Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]