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New To Market: Los Feliz "Zen Garden Retreat"

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Uh oh, it looks like another frustrated screenwriter/novelist has taken to writing real estate listings again. Unfortunately, this one sounds like the creative brief for a tampon commercial, not a house. To wit: "From the moment you enter the property you know you are somewhere special. Allow the winding path to lead you across the Wooden Bridge; gentle steps encourage your descent along the stream guided by the sounds from the cascading waterfall." Which is too bad, because it's a good looking mid-century home, but that copy does it no favors. The three-bedroom, two-and-a-quarter bath features hardwood floors, an open floor plan, and a fireplace. Last sold in 1999 for $385,000, today's asking price is $1.1 million or $594 per square foot (which is pretty close to comps).
· 4349 Cedarhurst Cir Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Redfin]