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Regal Cinemas Opens Its Doors, Shows Off Its Calories

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Last night was the ribbon-cutting for Regal Cinemas, downtown’s newest movie theater, and part of the LA Live campus. Located on Olympic Blvd, right next to the under-construction Ritz-Carlton, the theater officially opens on November 6th after two weeks of promotions and special events. Given its location, it’ll be interesting to see how large a pull (geographically) the theater has in terms of bringing people downtown. Local architecture firm Gensler did the interiors, and judging from the piano artwork on the walls and the font on the theater doors, there’s an art deco theme. Gensler also did the exteriors. Of course, we've raised concerns about the look of the building, a subject which was brought up last night by Russ Nunley, Vice-President of Regal Entertainment Group. Nunley works out of Regal's Knoxville, Tennessee office and has the most likable Southern accent. “I know there’s been some talk about the outside of the building,” said Nunely, sounding apologetic if anyone didn't immediately take to the exterior. “But I think that if anyone comes down to the theater, they’ll appreciate it, so give us a chance.”

Given that the three-story, 14-screen theater is positioning itself as a place for premieres, and “2012” will open there next week, the design and layout is very much focused on catering to the 806-seat premiere theater. The layout is unusual, with the screens located on the first and third floors, and the premiere theater taking up the second floor (there is also a concession stand on the second floor). Additionally, there’s a large lobby that’s also intended to host glam parties. And last night’s opening did feel rather glam. City Councilwoman Jan Perry, who’d steamrolled her way over the City Attorney’s office (and perhaps the sign ordinance) to get those signs for AEG was there last night, as was the Mayor.

Design-wise, the whole Olympic Blvd side has glass windows, allowing movie-goers views of the downtown skyline. Thank you, Gensler, for bucking the fortress architecture trend.

Tickets are $11 for adults/$8.50 for seniors/children, but to the disappointment of some downtowners, reserved seating isn’t currently available. But Regal did number all the seats, and may add reservation service at some point in the future, according to Nunley.

As for the theater seats themselves, they look to be of the variety one finds at Arc-Light: Very comfortably, slightly office chair-looking, and futuristic.

Parking is available either on a lot across the street, or in the West garage, and parking costs $5 for four hours w/validation. Meanwhile, below is a shot of what they’ll be selling in terms of food stuffs. Note the calorie count information.

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