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CurbedWire: Checking in with WeHo's Hancock Lofts

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Developer CIM's Hancock Lofts project is a good-looking building. We know because we toured the 31-unit Koning Eizenberg-designed project on Santa Monica Blvd in May. But the project came out of the gates unafraid to stick to pre-recession prices: $895,000 for a 1,037 square foot unit, for instance. Are the prices why the building is having trouble selling? This week's WeHo News references the "dismal sales" at the building. Via the paper: "Of course the four story mixed use project at Hancock and Santa Monica is struggling to get commercial tenants. The sale of the condos is dismal." Similarly, we hear that only a very, very small number of units have sold at Hancock Lofts. CIM did not return an email inquiry regarding sales at the building. Meanwhile, that article in the WeHo News goes on a pretty spectacular tirade against development in the area. [Curbed Staff]