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Round-Up: Predictions on SoCal's Newest Football Team

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So, LA County is most likely getting a new football stadium, located in the City of Industry. How about a team? Frank Nevarez of the Endscore football blog puts his money on the Jacksonville Jaguars leaving northern Florida for southern California. On the other hand, The New York Times, in that piece we mentioned Friday, presents the San Diego Chargers as the frontrunner for LA's new team: "Much talk [in LA] has centered on the Chargers, in part because Majestic Realty’s chairman (Majestic's the developer), Mr. Roski, and the Chargers’ owner, Alex Spanos, are longtime friends and the Chargers have endured several years of tortured efforts to find a location for a new stadium... John H. Semcken III, a Majestic Realty vice president, said the company would not formally make a move for a team until after the season ended in February." The Los Angeles Times is betting on San Diego, as well. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Star-Tribune reports that Minnesota leaders took strong notice of the new stadium in Industry because "California developers have reached out to the Vikings in the past," and the Vikings' lease at the Metrodome expires after the 2011 season." Other teams mentioned as LA candidates include the Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, and San Francisco 49ers. All this estimating could be for naught: Schwarzenegger said on Thursday the LA team could be either an existing team or a completely new one (how about the LA Asshats?).
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