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Renderings for Hollywood and Gower Project Finally Surface

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Gaze upon developer Hanover Company's much-talked about, but never seen Hollywood Boulevard project, a 20-story, 176-unit rental building proposed for Hollywood and Gower. The completed draft environmental impact report hit the City's web site on Friday. But like the nearby Columbia Square project, the state of the financial markets means that ground-breaking for the building (designed by GMP Architects) isn't exactly imminent. "It's in the proposed but uncertain phase," says Ryan Hamilton, project manager at Hanover Co. Meanwhile, looking over the renderings, the one thing that surprised us was seeing all the intended supergraphics that'd go up on the building. Given that the project isn't entitled, wouldn't those be illegal given the ban on new signs? Not so, according Hamilton, who says the building falls within the Hollywood Supplemental Use District. And it's his belief the ban will eventually be lifted. "My understanding was that the intent of the sign ban was that it would be in place until the city could work out the solution to a citywide sign ordinance," says Hamilton. He adds that once the new ordinance is written, Hanover will begin signage entitlement work, but it's too early given that the stage of the project. Per the city attorney's office, all new off-site signs are currently banned (though there are exemptions), but who knows what the City Council will eventually do? We don't. Meanwhile, 7,200 square of retail are also planned, as is both subterranean and above ground parking.
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