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CurbedWire: This Dumpster Won't Accept Babies, Mews Goes Solar

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LOS ANGELES: The writing on this dumpster at Melrose and Citrus has been there for a while, and would seem to be an amusing and dark reference to that older LAPD media campaign about abandoning babies in dumpster. Ladies, take your babies elsewhere. (We really hope no babies have actually been dumped here and will feel awful if they actually have.) [Curbed Staff]

ATWATER VILLAGE: The Mews, that Atwater Village project, is going solar. The Mews is also a tad competitive with another development, the Gatsby. It's like high school! Via the the InBox: "Today we officially announce all our new single family homes (we are using the small lot ordinance) in Atwater Village comes STANDARD with a solar energy system... we might be the first development for homes in LA that comes standard with solar power. (not stubbed out and "solar ready" like some other projects). I know the Gatsby advertises they are the first solar community in LA, but if you go inside their website, solar is listed as an upgrade, does not come standard." We will now await a response from Gatsby. But here's more info about Mews' solar program. [Curbed InBox]

The Mews

4255-4310 Perlita Ave., Los Angeles, CA