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Protests at Signing, And LA Loves its Football, Says Majestic

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Carrying signs that said "Shame on You," that group of Walnut citizens who'd fought that new NFL stadium showed up in Industry yesterday to protest Gov. Schwarzenegger's signing of the bill. It sounds like the Gov. wasn't afraid to snap back at the group, reports the Whittier Daily News. "As he prepared to sign the bill Thursday, the governor - flanked by hard-hatted representatives from several union locals, politicians and Roski employees - had some choice words for the protesters. "These people presented an $800 million wish list of demands that have little to do with the environment," Schwarzenegger said. "I'm here to terminate the frivolous lawsuit and start construction." Meanwhile, over at the Los Angeles Times, sports reporter Sam Farmer believes the waiver of a new environmental report for the project could likely make it easier for other NFL stadiums to crop up around the state. Meanwhile, the New York Times talks to John Semcken, Majestic Realty vice president, who wants to everyone to know that we're no slouches when it comes to football. Via the Times: "He said that contrary to the popular notion that Los Angeles fans are apathetic or focused on other diversions, including well-attended college football games, there was demand for a new team in the city. Stadium promoters have also sought to tamp down complaints that traffic snarls might discourage any journey to the new stadium, saying it is well positioned to attract crowds not only from Los Angeles but also from Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties."
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