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Rent Check: Mid-Century Modern Duplex in Silver Lake

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Poor architect Allyn E. Morris. A Pasadena-based mid-century architect (who passed away in July), he was prolific and yet relatively unknown, despite having seven homes featured in David Gebhard and Robert Winter's "An Architectural Guide to Los Angeles" including the one listed here. They describe him as "sort of a Schindler undisciplined by [architect Adolf] Loos, who was a great disciplinarian." Hee. Morris was also recently featured in the recent book "Forgotten Modern." According to the listing for this three-bedroom, two-bath duplex, it features Bosch stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, a Fischer & Paykel fridge, granite countertops, a small terrace off the living area, and larger ones of each upstairs bedroom. The house is available Dec 1 and will consider pets. Monthly rent: $3,075 plus a $4,500 security deposit.
$3075 / 3br - 2 Bath + Silver Lake + Bosch/Frigidaire + W/D + AC +... [Craigslist]