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Part II: What's New at the Site of the Ambassador Hotel?

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LAUSD and architects Gonzalez Goodale are keeping, recreating, or making reference to a lot from the Ambassador Hotel, which was demolished to make way for Central LA Learning Center #1. But there's also a whole lot of new on the site, which will serve over 4,000 students from just a nine block radius.

The completed and occupied K-5 school is built on the Eighth Street grade. On its courtyard is a mosaic labyrinth by Lynn Goodpasture, with tiles reminiscent of ones in the Cocoanut Grove and slate pieces for chalk drawing.

Amphitheater steps lead up to the high school, which has four levels above grade on the eastern side, and two below, at the level of the west-facing middle school. Staggered pieces block the sun on that side. A 3D mural by Gail McCall depicting the history of the Ambassador is opposite the middle school.

The schools are the first in California to be heated via thermal displacement ventilation--air comes from the floor or low on the walls and is pushed up and out, which allows cooling temperatures to be set higher.
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