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Underwater Train Will Take You to SoCal's New Floating Airport

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[Image via Infrastructurist]

San Diego's airport only has one runway (it's the busiest in the country) and the city can't find the land for more airport. So some genius lawyer named Adam Englund has come up with plans for a three square mile airport that would float like an oil rig ten miles off the coast. It'd have four levels, and two runways on the roof, reports the Infrastructurist. And to make the plan even more awesome? Passengers would be transported to land via underwater light rail (or fast ferries, but that's not as cool).

Englund and his company Euphlotea, LLC (dba Ocean Works Development) have already claimed 40,000 square miles of Pacific from Santa Barbara to Mexico, and say they'll raise the needed $20 billion privately. The Sierra Club is even cool with it. So what's the problem? Well, no one really governs the "airports built on water" space right now. The Interior Department, which approves oil drilling, turned down Ocean Works's application, and the company is suing. They also need land on the coast for a terminal to receive passengers, and Infrastructurist posits that if San Diego doesn't bite, the airport "could theoretically end up serving greater LA, which is also bumping up against the limits of regional airport capacity."

Hey, it's no crazier than the oil rigs turned hotel idea.

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