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Toyota Time for Regal Theater

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Another follow-up to that controversial AEG Regal Theater sign clearance story: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that (contrary to what perhaps some people expected), all those blank panels will not just be for movies. Did anyone expect anything different? "Once it receives the permits, AEG will put up four giant movie posters — including at least one for the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It,’’ which premieres Tuesday — and signs for two of L.A. Live’s sponsors, Coca-Cola and Toyota." Earlier this week, Dennis Hathaway of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight told us that ads for companies like Toyota constitute off-site advertising. The City Council decided today that AEG had the right to put up these type of ads, a move which the City Attorney's office warned could open a Pandora's Box in relation to the current sign ordinance (i.e. other developers wanting exemptions). [LA Times]