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The Catch: It's A One Time Thing, Promise!

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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline. What/Where: Room available in a house near Wilshire and San Vicente, looking for females in their early 20s.

Sounds good, right?: The house has a fenced-in yard (dogs are ok), eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors, washer & dryer and the full bathroom is shared with a third roommate. And the rent: $0.

The Catch: As is usually the case with free rent, there is an expectation of sex for housing. But this one has a twist (and will probably get flagged very shortly on Craigslist).

Yes, they're looking for virgins. "You must be a virgin girl and lose your virginity to the owner of the house. He will come over when you move in and the first night you sleep together and then he will never ask for anything else again. I've lost my virginity to him 5 months ago and although it was amazing (he's a good looking guy in his early 30's) I never slept with him again. So it's a one time thing." Race and looks are unimportant, according to the post.

We wish them luck; everyone knows there are no 20-something virgins anywhere in the vicinity of UCLA.
· $10 The perfect location! For perfect gal (all female share) [Craigslist]