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Illegal Downtown Club Shut Down by Annoyed Neighbors?

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While neighbors have battled the 740 Club over noise and quality of life issues, another Broadway club--albeit one that's completely illegal---was shut down for the second time in less than six months. "There was a huge raid downtown this past weekend," writes Curbed reader Sticky, sending in the above photo. "LAPD arrested everyone who worked at The Landing including its owner...The Landing was an AWESOME underground club on the 3rd or 4th floor of an office building on Broadway between 8th and 9th. The night of the raid it was packed." According to the Stickster, The Landing would keep selling alcohol till 6am. LAPD Lieutenant Paul Vernon confirms to Curbed an illegal club at 749 Broadway was shut down by a LAPD team at 2:30 am on Sunday. Who complained? "These were anonymous tips from people in the neighborhood," he says.

Some more details from Vernon about the Saturday arrest:

----The same place was shut down in May

---10 people, including one of the operators, were arrested

---The primary charge was selling alcohol without a license

---150 people were at the club the night of the arrest

---The club was using unlicensed security guards

----LAPD seized and destroyed 50 bottles of alcohol

----They also seized music equipment

----One man was arrested for cocaine possession

---- Party goers had to have a password to get in the place

----Meanwhile, there's also something known as The Landing Party at the same address; check out their site.

Meanwhile, while Vernon says the complaints came from the neighborhood, Sticky believes there's more to this incident. "Rumor has it that the scale of the raid indicates it was initiated by rival Hollywood nightclub owners worried about downtown clubs stealing their crowd." Hmmm. We're guessing it's just crabby neighbors wanting to get their beauty sleep.

Additionally, the LAPD tells us that it's fairly easy to get wind of these illegal parties by tracking news of the parties via email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.