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Ask Curbed: Where's the Quiet Green Space?

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A Curbed family member wants to lay out. Where to go? "Hi Curbed! I'd like to enjoy the last couple of weeks of warm weather. Meaning, I'd like to find a space in a park where I can put down a blanket and read a book and have myself some quiet time. And maybe not hear or see too many other people. Def not hear any cars. I know Griffith Park and I know Runyon Canyon, but those places seem better designed for hikers and goats. I went to Will Rogers once, and recall lots of BBQs, frisbees and people (maybe I didn't go to the right section). Any suggestions? I seriously considered hanging out in in a graveyard last weekend because at least it's grassy and quiet. Thanks." NYC Central Park pic via White Pink [Curbed InBox]