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New to Market: Two-Fer Special Plus Lot in Los Feliz

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If you have the money to spend, this listing at 1652 Hoover in Los Feliz comes with not one, but two homes. Not only is there the very large main house--a three-story home built in 2005--but there's also a smaller house, which has two bedrooms and two baths. Stick the in-laws or the teens in there, perhaps. And to complicate things even more, the listing notes that 1652-54 Hoover needs to be sold in conjunction with the adjacent vacant lot at 4312-14 Prospect Ave. The whole thing--a listing with lots of potential or a listing that'll induce migraines, depending on your point of view--is available for $1.1 million.
· 1652 N Hoover St [Redfin]