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Walnut Lawsuit Remains in Play, Group Wants A Dome

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Developer Majestic may have waved enough money at Walnut so the city would agree to that NFL stadium, but let's not forget that other group opposing the stadium. Meet Citizens for Community Preservation Inc. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, last week the eight person group announced that settlement talks with Majestic had failed and that lawsuit proceedings over the 600-acre development site will continue. The group, which has hired Bruce Tepper, a Westside lawyer specializing in environmental issues, is led by a guy named Howard Wang. (And surprise: According to the SGVT, Wang has expressed interest in running for City Council). He tells the paper: "This stadium saga makes us believe that citizens are powerless when confronted by big campaign contributors." Meanwhile, what the group is fighting for concession-wise: "The list includes a dome over the stadium to reduce noise and light pollution, four dedicated freeway on- and off-ramps, water-conserving landscaping, use of recycled water, an additional sheriff deputy for Walnut's sheriff station and a 10-year guarantee of water rebates for Walnut residents thanks to a rise in water use by the project." Meanwhile, the Field of Schemes blog reports that NFL teams like the Minnesota Vikings (!) are now using the threat of moving to Los Angeles as a bargaining chip as they look for improvements with their own hometown stadium. Excellent graphic via the No to NFL Stadium people, who may or not be affiliated with Citizens for Community Preservation Inc. UPDATE: Wang fills us in: The No to NFL Stadium web site is a grassroots organization and a different group than CCP, although they share the same goals, he says.
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