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Everyone's at the High-Speed Rail Rally at Union Station

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Via CA High-Speed Rail's Twitter page
Today, Governor Schwarzenegger appeared at LA's Union Station to announce the news that he'd submitted a formal request to the Feds for $4.7 billion in funding for California's planned high-speed rail line from SoCal to the Bay Area, with extensions planned to San Diego and Sacramento. Bay City News reports the California High-Speed Rail Authority approved the application Sept. 23. Next, the document went to Schwarzenegger, who 'had the dubious honor of doing some paring down and moving around,' according to Rod Diridon, a rail authority board member." California has almost $10 billion in bonds approved by voters last year—the total cost of the project is close to $45 billion and the state said it will need to tap private investors to close the gap. The San Jose Mercury-News says the high-speed rail authority plans will pick a track alignment in early 2011, and construction is expected to start in late 2012. You can follow read all about the rally today at Union Station at CA High-Speed Rail's Twitter page.
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