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PriceChopper: Low and Long in Tarzana

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Were people still thinking flipping would work in the summer of 2008 or did someone just not like the leftover Jamie Foxx vibes in this three-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Tarzana? Foxx bought the place in 1997 for $930,000 and sold it last summer for $1.85 million, but less than a year later it was back on the market at $2.15 million. The listing says there's an exercise room, media room, recording studio, game room, built-in barbeque, pool, pool house, and a sport court perfect for naked basketball. Well, it doesn't say it's perfect for that, but it's true. Yesterday it was chopped down to $1.795 million.
· 5370 Vanalden Ave [Redfin]
· 5370 Vanalden [Official Site]