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Neighbors Fret about High-Speed Train Plans for LA River

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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times ran a story that look at tensions between those pushing for high-speed rail and those worried the rail would impact efforts to revitalize the LA River. Blogger Eastsider LA first reported the news; here's an excerpt from the blog:" "The final rail route is still be determined and the exact alignment may not be selected for about two years. But, the corridor now being looked at would place the tracks somewhere between San Fernando Road and the Los Angeles River (a video simulation of two alternative lines through Taylor Yards is posted on the rail authority video gallery). What concerns [Glassell Park activist Helene] Schpak the most is that the project would require digging an approximately 100-foot wide trench through the area. That would keep those high-speed trains safely away from cars and pedestrians but would require tearing up an area filled with homes, industrial buildings, parks and schools."
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