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Gensler's Big Blue Beverly Hills Building: Here Come the Lawyers!

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Via Brigham Yen
Reader Brigham Yen passes on the latest construction shots of the Gensler-designed building in Beverly Hills, the office space that William Morris Endeavor (WME) reportedly wants out of. And last week, the Beverly Hills Courier reported that "legal proceedings" regarding WME's attempt to wiggle out of its lease are commencing. Whether "legal proceedings" means a lawsuit has been filed or whether "legal proceedings" means talking to the press as scare tactic isn't clear. But via the BHC: "Michael Federman, attorney for Comfort [the building owner], told The Courier Tuesday that legal proceedings were commenced by the landlord against WME last month. 'With respect to WME’s new headquarters building now under construction on Beverly Drive, we are pursuing legal proceedings to ensure that WME honors the commitments made by WMA to us and to the City of Beverly Hills,' said Federman."

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