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Flying Through Sexy Tubes to Vegas—New High-Speed Proposals Shopped

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Train nerds in Vegas just uttered a collective moan with news that UNLV is hosting an evening of high-speed rail proposals tonight—and it's not the Vegas-SoCal connecting DesertXpress and maglev trains that will be discussed. Apparently, there are nuts engineer-type people who are envisioning three additional trains that would connect greater LA to Sin City. One involves a maglev hybrid that "motorists would be able to board while the train is in motion." OK, well, another proposal involves a train careening through mounted tubular rings at 150 mph (try not to get aroused by the attached photo). Another is an electricity-powered "bullet expressway" that would run 220 mph and connect John Wayne airport in OC to Vegas. Closer to reality, London is testing driverless pods that will take you from Heathrow to your parking lot or car rental place without having to wait for a shuttle or train. How very Total Recall.
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