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Nicolas Cage's Bel Air House Moves, Anyone Know a Good Giant Geode Mover?

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Stephen Shapiro, the real estate agent for Nicolas Cage's Copa de Oro mansion, confirms to Curbed that an offer for the house has been accepted. After a year on the market at $29.999 million, then $17.5 million, and a few weeks off the MLS, the house was relisted in early September, asking for sealed bids starting at $9.95 million. Shapiro won't tell us who's going to be paying (probably) upwards of $10 million for the gilded Tudor, but our best guesses are Cage nemeses Lex Luthor, Nathan Arizona, Donald Kaufman, or a shadowy secret society after secret American riches.

Cage is reportedly on the hook to the IRS for more than $6 million (he's blaming his manager), and now's your chance to own one of his many, many properties. His two New Orleans houses have been foreclosed on and will be sold in a sheriff's auction next month. His castle in Bath is on the market, and so are houses in Las Vegas and Rhode Island.
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