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CurbedWire: Echo Park Now An Emerging Hub, Silver Lake Car Wash Coming

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ECHO PARK: After tracking that Echo Park development on Sunset, the one that was repeatedly hit by taggers, it can be reported that the development is now holding open houses. Here's the listing for the five-unit project, which is asking $495,000 to $649,000 for the condos. "Conceived & constructed to fuse design integrity with sustainability. Spacious 2-3 story homes...ranging from 1184 to 1765 sq. ft. Unique hillside site combines iconic views of the Hollywood Hills w/ proximity to the district's emerging hub of independent music and culture on Sunset Blvd. 11ft high ceilings & large sliding doors allow flexible living/work configuration." [Curbed Staff]

SILVER LAKE: Let's stay in the neighborhood for the next question: A reader wants to know about the demo at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Drive, site of a former gas station (and a lighting store). The construction guys tell us a car wash is being built. Sexy. [Curbed Staff]