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New to Market: Rad Pad in Sherman Oaks?

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This Sherman Oaks home boasts that it's a "1961 Mid-Century Modern" home, and "a Pad that's Rad." It'll be up to you to decide whether it's rad, bad or a home that'll make your dad sad. It's a four-bedroom, four-bath home that last sold in 2003 for $1.335 million. More via the listing: "Lower level combines a private in-law suite, kit & bath with the pool & lounge areas. Home sits above the street, providing treetop views & tons of privacy. Enjoy the lavish life in this spectacular 60's home." Celebrity ownership is mentioned (a couple named the Reeses?). Decoration-wise, some people may enjoy the whole swinging look. Unfortunately, it looks like a bison crawled into the bathroom and died. Asking price: $1.55 million.
· 13320 VALLEY Vis [Redfin]