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Two Years of NFL Games in Downtown LA or Pasadena?

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Has anyone noticed that John Semcken of Majestic Realty, the development company that's likely putting a NFL stadium to Industry, tends to talk a lot about what he wants--and then inevitably what he wants actually happens? For instance, Semcken said for months that Majestic would settle with Walnut, which his company did. And then he said that he'd get Senate approval for an environmental exemption for the NFL stadium. Lo and behold, Majestic got that exemption a week later. And if the stadium is ultimately approved (Gov. Schwarzenegger is expected to approve the bill in the next two weeks), well, the arena's got to be built. And where has Semcken been suggesting---for many, many months--about where his new NFL team will play in the meantime?
Let's ponder the possibility of what this all means. Via yesterday's Whittier Daily News: "A day after the state Senate wiped away the last hurdle to Roski's proposed football stadium in Industry, Semcken said he thinks an NFL team will be playing at either the Rose Bowl or Coliseum in 2011 and would move into Roski's $800 million stadium in 2013." Even Majestic Realty Co. chairman and CEO Edward Roski Jr. has been saying the same thing: Via a September 30th article from USC News: "Roski plans to speed up the process by negotiating to buy a team beginning in February, once the current NFL season ends. The team could play in the Rose Bowl or Coliseum until Los Angeles Stadium is ready in 2013." And from the OC Register: "Once we have an approved stadium, we can offer it to the NFL," Semcken said. "The team could move immediately, play temporarily in the Rose Bowl or play temporarily in the Coliseum ... then move into the new building in 2013 when it's completed."
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