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EaterReport: Beer Week Starts...Now, Momofuku Cookbooks, Agura Opening Report

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LOS ANGELES: According to sister blog Eater, the Great Big Beer fest kicks off today through October 25 with various Los Angeles and OC restaurants featuring beer tastings, pairings, special releases and esoteric beers. It's a festival of froth. More information here.

LOS ANGELES: Speaking of pertinent information, you may be able to win one of 50 autographed "Momofuku" cookbooks. Don't care about the contest? One word: Re-gift. More info is here.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Opening report for Agura: "It was once a church, then an antique store and now three years later with a 13-foot buddha as the focal point of the dining room comes Agura, a French-Japanese hybrid on La Cienega."
· Eater LA [Official Site]