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CurbedWire: Venice Film Tour, Rant About Banks and Hot Dogs

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Via NBC4, "Roller Boogie," 1979.
VENICE: This Sunday morning, there's a tour of some of Venice's most famous film locations. Via NBC4: "The tour date is Sunday, October 18th, it starts at the grasp-your-coffee-thermos-tight time of 9:30AM, it meets at the Rose Cafe, and it'll cover locations used in "Roller Boogie" (starring a de-Captain-Howdy-'d Linda Blair) and "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" with Peter Sellers and "I Love You Man" with mssrs. Rudd and Segel. Plus lots more." [Curbed InBox]

BURBANK: Someone has sent in a rant that links hot dogs with the mortgage industry. Who can top that and write a rant involving falafel and the credit card debt crisis? Via the InBox: "I went to see Surrogates yesterday at the AMC 16 in Burbank. I've been going to that location for years and usually, I buy a cup of coffee to take in as they do not serve coffee there. They do serve hot dogs, coke, greasy/smelly pop corn, etc. Well, yesterday they told me that they do not allow outside food any more! I am really p off. I'm will not patronize the stupid chain any more. My point?? Why are so many business shooting themselves on the foot in this bad economy? This is not the only business that is willing to lose customers so they can sell you an indoors hot dog. Take the banks also, denying refis to over qualified customers. There is a trend here. WTF?" [Curbed InBox]