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Also Splitsville: City's Money and Special Event Traffic Officers

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Given the recent budget cuts, the city's transportation department has run out of money to pay for extra traffic officers at special events such as sports games or big funerals for famous singers. So the city is asking owners of venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Staples Center to pitch in. Via the Los Angeles Times:

"In the face of dwindling reserves, city officials have asked the six major venue operators to cover the full cost of providing traffic officers, who are paid $40.92 an hour while working games and events. Five have agreed to pay the city this season -- the Sports Arena is opting out of traffic services -- but most plan to reduce the number of traffic officers working, which could lead to congestion." Of immediate concern is tonight's game between the Dodgers and the Phillies. Here's what Principal Transportation Engineer Alan Willis says to the Times: "....[he] encouraged Dodgers fans and event-goers to use public transportation or leave extra time to get to events in the coming weeks. The reduced staffing plans "may work out well, but we don't know what's going to happen here," Willis said." Meanwhile, the paper also notes how historically the city has readily absorbed the costs of these events--and events not just like Michael Jackson's funeral, but festivals like the Taste of Encino.
· Los Angeles budget crisis' main event: gridlock? [LA Times]