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New to Market: 80s-Looking Condo in Sawtelle

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Oh, the eighties. Look what they've gotten up to now--this 1985 condo building looks like a less-evolved BCAM. (Anyone know the architect?) And according to Property Shark, the unit on the market lists Saul Hudson, aka Slash as the owner, while Blockshopper mentions Hudson's ex-wife Perla Hudson as a trustee. Perhaps Perla lives here? Who knows. More info from the listing: The listing doesn't have interior pictures, but it's a two-story, one bedroom, two bathroom unit with a fireplace, loft, laundry, and private rooftop patio. Slash bought the condo in 2007 for $560,000 and is selling today for $449,000, $466 per square foot. Meanwhile, Real Estalker believes that Slash sold that Hollywood Hills home--the one that caused so much legal trouble--back in 2007.
· 11575 Missouri Ave #12 [Redfin]