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No Surprise There: Homeless Also Enjoy Venice's New Skatepark

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Less than two weeks ago, community officials trumpeted the arrival of the $3.4 million Venice Skateboard Park on the beach near Windward Circle. To keep the park safe and clean, the Venice Surf and Skate Association (VSA) took over volunteer community watch duties at the park during after-hours. But according to the Yo! Venice blog, the LAPD has told the VSA they are no longer permitted to police the park, and the morning after that decision was handed down Monday, Yo! Venice says the park went to pot—literally (see picture). Also looks like lots of detritus is accumulating amongst the fresh cement. Yo! Venice is worried that if there's a complete homeless takeover of the park, the city will close it down (it's happened before). The Venice Skate and Surf Association blog says that the Skateboard Park has been a huge new attraction for the area: "In 3 days we have had 4000 visitors to the sk8prk!" Not clear if that's before the LAPD edict came down. [Photos via Yo! Venice]
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