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Cecil B. DeMille's Famous Middle Ranch Returns

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Sure, it's right in the path of wildfires and mudslides, but it's got barns. And grass pastures. And tennis courts. Meet Middle Ranch in Little Tujuga Canyon, which hit the market in 2007, listed at $11.95 million. According to Luxist, Middle Ranch was formerly Cecil B. DeMille's ranch, but now it's an equestrian park, and indeed the listing notes the club facilities that include a pool, tennis court and a commercial kitchen. The property is currently three separate ranches and is for sale either piecemeal or as one large ranch with 600 acres. Or you can buy just the main ranch with 119 acres for $12 million. Or the main ranch plus the north ranch boarding and training facility for $19 million. Or the main ranch plus the first ranch with "multiple residences & picturesque pastures" for $23 million. Buying the whole shebang will cost you $28 million. No word on whether or not they include any of the horses.
· 11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Lakeview Terrace, CA 91342 [Redfin]