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Broadway Hollywood Loft Really Wants a Renter

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Maybe now that S Bar has vacated the ground floor of the Broadway Hollywood Building life there is a little more tenable, so long as you can put up with the bridge-and-tunnel crowd at Katsuya on the weekends. And if you're someone who is impressed with celebs, well, records show Jack Osbourne owns a penthouse in the building.

The listing for this two bedroom live-work loft reveals that it's recently been reduced to lease quickly and that it's is "perfect for Artist loft, production company space, lawyer or architect offices." It also advises prospective tenants to "work from home (and deduct your rent from your taxes) or just maintain as your super chic Hollywood office/workspace." The listing also claims the unit is "being slated for feature in architectural and design magazines."

This unit is marketed a lot like the latest Hollywood movie--it's promising big hype. It's also advising you to practice some shady tax accounting by deducting your rent (we're fairly certain you can only deduct a portion if you work from home. So says our accountant every time we plead). The unit is 1,450 square feet, plus a balcony, and promises a Trader Joe's (true) and a Whole Foods "to come around the corner" (not true). Monthly rent: $3,900, which is "less than Owner's monthly cost."
· 3900 / 2br - +++Reduced--->GORGEOUS DESIGNER LOFT IN LUXURY Broadway Hollywood Bldg [Craigslist]