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Study: Housing Homeless Saves Taxpayers Money

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The Los Angeles Times reports that it's cheaper to build affordable housing than pay for services for homeless. "Finding permanent housing for Los Angeles County's homeless rather than allowing them to continue living on the streets could save taxpayer money, according to a study released Tuesday by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. The four-year study followed four homeless people while they lived on the streets and later as they found stable housing. Researchers concluded that taxpayers could save $20,000 a year per person using public services. There were an estimated 73,000 homeless in the county last year." In related news, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports that Venice Community Housing Corp has purchased a 20-unit apartment building at 15 Horizon Avenue with the intention of using the building for homeless. Glad to hear it. And if you're going into the fall and feeling like you want to do something charitable and useful with your free time, check out volunteer organization LA Works, which has an easy-to-use volunteer calender that'll allow you to offer your time at places from food banks to schools to senior citizen groups. [Tighe Architecture's under-construction affordable housing project on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood]
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